After years of travel, use, and memories, your old pickup truck has had its day. Now it’s time to consider getting another one, and you have an option laid out before you: do you spring for a shiny, new model with the bells and whistles, or do you look at getting a clean, gently used model for slightly less? While getting a fancy new pickup truck with zero miles racked up may seem really tempting, particularly if you’re feeling flush, there may be some very good reasons to consider used trucks for sale in Lynchburg, VA.

You may be hesitant to be thinking about used truck sales in Lynchburg, VA. You may have false impressions of badly beaten models with transmission problems and lackluster warranties. You may feel like even a decent used truck may not be as long-lasting investment as a brand new one. However, there are numerous reasons why considering used truck sales in Lynchburg, VA, could be the right choice for you.

You Can Save More Money

The most obvious reason is also the most important reason. The key to any smart sale is to save money, and that’s where thinking about used truck sales in Lynchburg, VA, has a huge advantage to considering newer alternatives. New trucks will depreciate rapidly, losing approximately 20% of their sale value immediately after leaving the lot, and anywhere from 10-15% in the few years following. This is a great disadvantage for those pursuing new truck sales, but a great advantage to those seeking used truck sales in Lynchburg, VA because that depreciation translates into savings.

Variety and Choice

Selection is the king among used truck sales in Lynchburg, VA. Only a limited number of models are released new per year per manufacturer. When considering pre-owned pickup trucks, your selection goes up greatly, even among models released only in the past few years. All of last year’s models will eventually be available for a fraction of their new value, and many of the best models from two or three years ago will already be readily available on the lot.

Savings on Insurance

The amount you will save on insurance for your recently-purchased truck is another key reason to consider used truck sales in Lynchburg, VA. New models always carry higher insurance rates, and with them come higher tax rates and higher fees. The depreciated value of a lightly used pickup truck makes it easier and cheaper to replace in the event of an incident or accident.

You Don’t Need to Treat It with Kid Gloves

It’s no secret that a reason people opt for pickups over other forms of transportation is for ruggedness or durability. Pickup trucks are a need for many people working in trades, and they are often needed on field sites or on gravel roads in the back country, where wear and tear is a guarantee. With a new truck, however, you are going to feel compelled to make its pristine quality last in case you want to sell it used later. With used truck sales in Lynchburg, VA, you are free to explore its full utility, no matter how grimy or dusty the travels.

Used Truck Sales in Lynchburg, VA

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