At some point in most people's lives, they have to decide whether or not to buy a car, then also decide whether they buy new, or used. While buying new has a lot of benefits, from getting the latest models to the newest safety features and technologies, it can also be a far too costly option for a lot of people. Buying used cars in Amherst can often be a much more attainable goal, especially if you are a younger person. But with used cars come some risks, so you must ask yourself these five questions when buying a used car.
Do you want to purchase from a private seller, or a used-car dealer?
Deciding to deal with used car sales in Lynchburg, VA, you have to decide whether you are going to go with a private seller or a user-car dealer. Each has their pros and cons when it comes to purchasing a used car. When dealing with private sellers, you may end up having a better chance negotiating a lower price, meaning you can end up spending less money than expected. Getting your vehicle through a used-car dealer, however, means you are likely getting a vehicle that has just come off a lease, and it may be newer than from a private seller and could even come with some form of limited warranty. Either option requires precaution; always get all the information about a vehicle you can before purchasing any used cars in Amherst.
How worn is the vehicle, and how old is it?
One issue when it comes to buying used vehicles from anywhere is that they may be made up to look better than they actually are. When it comes to used cars in Amherst, you need to know how worn the vehicle is, so try to ask about how it’s previous owner used it. Was it driven every day? Was it only a weekend or summer ride? The age of the vehicle, and its mileage can say a lot, as most vehicles only need to start replacing major components after 100k - 150k miles.
What kind of issues pop up in this model of vehicle?
If you have decided on a specific make or model of vehicle when looking at used car sales in Lynchburg, VA, you should find some form of consumer report on that vehicle. Most makes and models of vehicles have some sort of issues, and it’s best to know about those ahead of time. Knowing what you need to replace in the next five years, or 50k miles, could make you decide to go with a different model of used car.
How will payment be done? Cash, or used-car loan?
When you are purchasing used cars in Amherst from private sellers, it’ll almost always be cash in hand. However, if you decide to go to a lot for used car sales in Lynchburg, you will most likely have the option of cash, or a used-car loan. Used-car loans allow you to pay for your new used car with installments of payments, normally every 2 weeks for 52 weeks, or some variation. The downside with used-car loans is that, depending on the dealership, you’ll need to pass a credit score check.
Does the vehicle have a history report?
For any used cars in Amherst that you consider purchasing, you should ask for a history report on it. You can get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the dealer, or they can print out a report for you. You want to look for red flags, such as short ownership periods, or accidents. Small accidents like fender benders are no problem for a vehicle, but if it’s been in a major accident, there could be damage to the frame, which means it’s no longer safe to drive.
Purchasing a car is a major financial decision, and if you are looking for used car sales in Lynchburg, VA or used cars in Amherst, then call or visit Motor World today.
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