30-day vehicle service repair guarantee

30-day vehicle service repair guarantee

Our goal is to provide you with a purchasing experience you can count on!

30-day vehicle repair guarantee

Here at Motor World, we make it our mission to provide our community with a superior car buying experience. We are committed to never pressure or haggle for any sales purposes. We are committed to creating a fast and simple buying process, providing award-winning customer service, issuing a warranty on every vehicle purchase, and ensuring every vehicle is fully detailed, repaired and inspected before it is purchased by its new owner.

In addition, “30-day vehicle repair guarantee” ensures our customers that they are in good hands even after the sale is completed. We will fix any reasonable issues that arise within the first 30 days after the purchase. This promise includes many aspects of repair (including those not covered in the AVP Premium warranty).

We respect and value each person that walks through our doors. Therefore, our goal is, and always will be, to find each person the perfect vehicle and financing option that is suitable to fit any unique need, family, and/or lifestyle.

At Motor World, we promise to treat every vehicle like it is our own, and every customer like family. We welcome everyone to come and experience the Motor World Difference to see how we take pride in our vehicles, and our efforts to redefine the car buying experience.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Motor World 30-day vehicle repair guarantee does not cover any issues or damage caused by the customer or any act of theirs. Furthermore, it does not cover any damage or issue caused by an accident regardless of who is at fault. Please take any issues caused by these means to your insurance company.